Shedding Light on Women in College

So…first to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a girl originally from a small town up north– the kind of town where you have to drive half an hour to the nearest Chipotle and there is only one middle school and one high school. I had a “normal” childhood. I hated math, argued with my mother, had girl drama, dated immature guys, and dreamed about running off to a place where you could get food after 9:00 PM. Pretty much everyone talked about “getting out,” but I was determined to make it happen. By my senior year I had a very small group of friends who I couldn’t tell were my friend or just convenience. On my graduation day there were tearful goodbyes, but I was just…ready! I had my acceptance letter to my top school choice and I was headed far, far away. They say you find yourself in college, but it’s actually true. Leaving home has really allowed me to think about who I want to be and what I want to accomplish. I’ve experienced college the way I think it should be…of course along the way I’ve had all the ups and downs of college. I’ve gotten dressed up with my girls, gotten blackout drunk, had random guys in my bed…I’ve had late nights in the library studying, 100’s on tests, worked, had enough caffeine that should cause an overdose, been hungover an entire day, the worst heartbreak of my life– I’ve transformed into someone I don’t know and I have also come back from it.

One thing I have truly come to learn about myself in college is that I’m a feminist to the core. People will give you A LOT of crap over that word or brush it off, but I can tell you what I think it means. It means equal opportunity, that’s it. Is the name deceiving? Maybe to some. The way I see it though, is that women need a boost economically, politically, socially (in just about every -ally). I know some people who call themselves feminists believe it is something else and some may believe we are “man haters,” but that’s not me. I love…some men :p and I hope that they can consider themselves feminists too!Discovering the feminist part of me has changed me in a way.

I grew up EXTREMELY shy. I would blush constantly and in any situation with eyes on me would tremble all over. I wanted people to like me and was very soft spoken about things. Truthfully, I have a lot to say and lately I am not afraid to say it. A lot of college girls are afraid to be judged for their actions. We are told we need to have “fat asses”, “don’t be easy”, “dress sexy, but not too sexy.” From my experience, women are afraid of sharing their sexual experiences and are self-conscious about their bodies. They are too often afraid to say no to guys and are afraid to stick up for themselves. With this blog I hope to shed light on what it’s like to be a college girl today and help women take control of their bodies and their lives as I try to do the same!


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