The Time I was a Homewrecker and had my Body Slammed in a Car Door

You know those weeks you have where the only time you have to yourself is when you are showering or peeing? After a ten page paper…a presentation…back to back meetings…full days of classes…no food and no sleep, I decided that I deserved a night out with my girl. My best friend, Chey (pronounced “shy”) is that girl who every guy is pressed over. She is fair-skinned, tall, thin, and has perfectly straight golden blond hair down to her ass. She is the girl you would hate due to jealousy if you didn’t know she was the most open-minded, kind, fun girl. I met Chey when we were freshmen in college. In class she is reserved, but when it comes to nights out with me, she will throw back shots of tequila until she can’t see straight. Even though we don’t always make the same kind of decisions, she is my down for anything girl and every time we go out I know I’m in for a wild night.

On this particular night Chey came to my apartment along with her boyfriend and his friend Tim. Tim was a thin, tatted guy with gauges in his ears. As Chey and the rest drained a full bottle of tequila, I sipped on a beer. “Take a shot with meeee” Chey pleaded with me, knowing I would be reluctant. I rolled my eyes and then retrieved the bottle of Pineapple Svedka from the cabinet. Chey smiled and we toasted to the celebration of the shitty week we had. After a few more beers and double shots of Svedka and Jose, we were riding to the bars in an Uber.

After arriving at the bar, Chey’s boyfriend handed both of us two large drinks. As my drink got lower and lower, the music started to fade in the background and I fully welcomed by more-than-buzzed state. Before I knew it, Tim was behind me with his tatted arms around my body. The four of us danced together, having a blast. Pretty soon I felt Tim’s hands sneak up to my breasts and squeeze. After swatting his hands away, I felt him run his other hand slowly down my pants, where he was once again swatted away. His next attempt was turning my face around toward him to kiss me.

Eventually his friend came up to me to warn me that Tim was her best friend’s boyfriend…great. “We’ve been fighting a lot lately,” he said trying to excuse himself…just another thing he would regret in the morning. One thing I can’t stand is cheaters… and even as someone who has done things under the influence of alcohol, (such as kissing a gross, tatted, cheater) I can’t see alcohol as an excuse. Another thing I can’t stand is being touched inappropriately by men in a bar. Permission to dance with me doesn’t give you permission to my body.

The rest of the night was filled with more friends and dancing. We stayed until the bars closed down and then were all kicked out. As the masses walked out of the bar we witnessed a guy in the passenger seat of a car choking a girl in the driver seat. “Oh my God, did you see that guy?” Chey asked. I walked up to the white Sedan and automatically opened the car door. “Are you ok?” I asked the girl. She was crying and then used her hand, signaling that she was not. Whether it was the alcohol…my need to stand up for myself and other women…or something else, I told the guy he needed to get out of the car, pulling on his blazer. All of a sudden the guy started to shut the door on my body, screaming “get this bitch out of my face!!!” A crowd of people were instantly surrounding me. As happy as I was to see that my friends had my back, I was sad for this girl who drove away with her abusive boyfriend in her car.

So I guess to summarize that night, if you see a girl (or anyone) in trouble, stand up for them! …And if you find yourself in this girl’s situation, remember you’re in the driver seat–kick him out on his ass and drive away!


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